Pipe Restoration

Water pipes wear out and can affect the performance of your municipal plumbing system. Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out, which slowly clogs your facility’s plumbing system and contaminates your water supply. Old pipe joints can corrode and become weak over time. Copper pipes develop pinhole leaks that can cause water damage that promotes mold and mildew growth, creating unhealthy indoor air. As the age of your plumbing system continues to increase, so does the need for ongoing water, sewer, storm and chilled water plumbing maintenance. But restoring your facility’s aging pipe system doesn’t have to be costly or interrupt your daily routine.

We understand that in some situations a single repair method is not the best option.  So we pride ourselves in being able to offer a combination of conventional repair and In-Place-Place Pipe restoration options that will satisfactorily remedy the difficult plumbing problem.  The professionals at TDT Plumbing can deliver in-place pipe restoration systems as a cost effective way of restoring corroded and leaky pipes in most settings. These innovative, patented pipe restoration systems are currently utilized in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools & universities, apartments, condominiums, industrial settings and homes across North America.

We employ an upfront diagnostic approach to each of our jobs to ensure our repair methods are well thought out and provide the best solution for our client’s needs. We offer multiple existing pipe repair options including trenchless drain lining, epoxy barrier pipe coating, epoxy spin casting, and repiping, among others. To determine which pipe restoration technique will work best for your project, contact TDT Plumbing today.

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Why Repipe? Avoid the mess, and fix pipes "In-Place" using ePIPE. ...

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